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SuperM spreads message of hope with ‘One’

K-pop supergroup SuperM returned with its long-awaited first full-length album “Super One – The 1st Album” with a hopeful message to endure stressful times as one.

“We wanted to show the significance of our existence. While we’ve gathered from distinct teams, we’d like to show you the unity, synergy, our message and hope through the album,” said Kai in the group’s online media conference Friday morning, a few hours before the album release.

The album dwells on a hopeful message that “All of us have ‘Super’ powers individually as ‘One’ and we can overcome difficulties with united ‘One’ power.”?

(S.M. Entertainment)
(S.M. Entertainment)
“The album spans various genres, but it has one piercing message: to encourage people to overcome the ongoing difficult times by uniting as one. I hope a lot of people could have hopes with it, or at least feel simple happiness from listening to it,” he added.

Fronting the fully packed album is the lead track “One (Monster & Infinity),” a hybrid remix combining two songs “Monster” and “Infinity” from the new album. Propelled by propulsive beats and synths, “One” is a dynamic dance number that finds the right balance between singing and rapping. It’s also the first hybrid remix from S.M. Entertainment since “Sherlock (Clue + Note)” from SHINee in 2012. The new futuristic song has been composed by the agency’s in-house producer Kenzie, as well as renowned overseas producers like Moonshine and Adrian McKinnon.

On “One,” Taemin, originally from SHINee, shared, “I felt accomplished through the new process of blending the two totally different songs. By taking on the challenge and using my previous experience, I’ve learned a lot of know-how and tips.”

Frontman Baekhyun added, “I think this album finally expressed our true color as a group. I hope for you guys to find it out.”

The 15-track album also includes prereleased singles “100” and “Tiger Inside,” as well as songs of various genres like “Wish You Were Here,” “Big Chance,” “Better Days,” “Dangerous Woman,” “Step Up” and fan song “With You.” Rappers Taeyong and Mark are also credited as lyricists in “Together at Home.”

SuperM is formed from seven members of SM‘s popular boy bands SHINee, EXO, NCT 127 and WayV. Its debut album “SuperM: The 1st Mini Album,” featuring single “Jopping,” topped the Billboard 200 albums chart in the US in October last year, becoming the second K-pop group to do so after BTS. Earlier this year, SuperM became the first K-pop group to hold a paid online concert under the “Beyond LIVE” brand in April.

The group went on to appear on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Thursday in the US. Dubbed as “K-pop Avengers,” SuperM also recently collaborated with Marvel Studios to roll out merchandise featuring the group in celebration of the new album.

“I’ve always overlapped the image of Avengers and us ever since producer Lee Soo-man introduced us as K-pop Avengers upon our debut. As a huge fan of Marvel, I’m honored to collaborate with them,” said Mark.

On the group’s impressive feat on Billboard, Taeyong also said, “It’s all thanks to great producing by Lee Soo-man (S.M.’s founder and chief producer).”

He continued, “Each of us have plenty of experience and career from our original teams, and I think that chemistry, synergy and this innovative idea of forming a united team have also contributed to our success.”

Wrapping up the session, Baekyun once again emphasized what the group hopes to deliver through the album.

“When our debut album topped the Billboard 200 chart, it was a lot of burden. I think it would be just fine for us if people could gain strength from ‘Super One’ and just receive positive and hopeful energy from it.”

“Super One” was released Friday afternoon via local streaming sites.

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